Current workshops will be announced here.

Bookings as a guest lecturer for a workshop or lecture for universities, music schools, and other interested educational institutions or musical groups are also possible by appointment.

We offer the following workshops for this purpose:

Folgende Workshops werden von uns hierfür angeboten:

  • Composition and Arrangement Basics Workshop for Beginners
  • Composition and arrangement workshop for advanced students (focus by arrangement)
  • Composing for children and teenagers
  • Composing with world music influences of different cultures (styles/content by arrangement)
  • Jazz composition-arrangement
  • Harmony
  • Instrumentation/Orchestration
  • Introduction to the music notation program Finale
  • Music Production Workshop
  • Ethno Jazz Workshops
  • Klezmer Workshops on "Vahid Matejkos Klezmer Play-Alongs"
  • Tango Workshops on "Vahid Matejkos Tango Play-Alongs"
  • Balkan Music Workshops

Other workshops with different topics are also possible on request.