Composing does not have to be innate but is truly learnable.

If you are interested in composing your own music and are interested in writing for different instrumentations such as orchestra, big band, winds, strings, choir, bands or electronic possibilities of composing completely independent in which musical style, then you are exactly right here.

It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or already experienced. Here you will learn the know-how and craft of composition solidly from the ground up.

We are a private composition academy that accepts trainees at all different levels, training you from beginner to professional composer through various sequential programs with majors and minors.

While many state composition programs are offered in classical music or jazz, our training offers general fundamentals that are cross-stylistic and can be applied to all styles.

Our academy offers three main levels that build on each other:

  • Preparatory course for non-musicians
  • compact training in composition
  • different advanced modules in order to be able to specialize in certain areas afterwards.

(You can find more information or the syllabus for the individual modules under the menu item Our Training)