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Matejko's music is also boundless: classical music, new music, jazz and world music merge into an inseparable harmony.appropriately, the title of his second CD" is Light of Unity". Each of the 14 original compositions offers an unmatched mixture of many genres and instruments. But although he combines so many different styles in his compositions, the common thread is never lost. But even if he composes for others, this is of course not without his own emotions and personality flowing into the music. Matejko has everything in his repertoire.

Deutsche Welle

Composer and arranger Vahid Matejko is considered one of the most interesting talents on the German music scene.


What the brightest minds find difficult to achieve is musically possible. This is how one could describe the work of composer Vahid Matejko.


With playful ease, he combines oriental sounds, classical music, new music and jazz in his works to create completely new compositions.

Jazz Podium

Unmistakable signature of the compositional talent, impressive musical calling card. With his debut album "Come Together" the composer Vahid Matejko has proved to be an interesting voice on the German jazz scene.


The cultural influences of his Iranian-German ancestry can be heard in his music: Vahid Matejko lives musically in the tension between Orient and Occident, and with playful ease he combines oriental sounds and big band arrangements. A good example of this is the album "Come Together" released this year, on which he realized his compositions with 42 musicians from 15 countries.


In times of war like these, it is exemplary how the German-Iranian manages not only to transcend stylistic boundaries, but also to use his music to promote genuine international understanding.

Kölnische Rundschau

That Vahid Matejko would become something special could be guessed early on.

melodie & rhytmus

When musical influences of countries mix, when oriental meets Japanese, Jewish meets African rhythms, and everything is slightly jazzed up, then the great term Ethno-Jazz is not out of place. It is no coincidence that the multi-talented Matejko unites cultures and music. His virtuoso original compositions belong to true pearls of music.

neue musik zeitung

Matejko is considered one of the most interesting talents on the German music scene in his work as a composer, arranger, producer and author. His compositions are characterized by an unmistakable handwriting as well as by the ability to adapt music from a wide variety of cultures and to create something original from it. He builds a suspension bridge inspiring and overcoming all abysses, erecting cultures out of incomprehension between them.


For his 28 years, the composer Vahid Matejko seems astonishingly detached. Openness and curiosity, but also his roots, characterize the life and work of the Berlin-born composer. Whether it's Turkish or Arabic music, music from the Balkans, Klezmer, African or Balinese music, the 28-year-old literally absorbs it all. Vahid Matejko has an exciting way of adapting music from different cultures with profound understanding and always brings forth something new and independent. The result is an exciting multicultural listening experience: top-class compositions and arrangements with 59 musicians from five continents. That is international understanding. Vahid Matejko not only talks about it, he lives it.

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Modern pieces by contemporary composer and arranger Vahid Matejko.


... And indeed, Vahid Matejko has put together here an extremely interesting selection of traditionals and original compositions for two clarinets, which proves his class as an authentic composer and arranger. There are nine arrangements of Albanian, Bulgarian, Greek, Croatian, Macedonian, Romanian, Serbian and Turkish folk songs next to eleven successful original compositions in the respective style of the stylistic regions in which Matejko proves to be a pronounced expert of the matter... Thus, Vahid Matejko's "Balkan Duets for Clarinet" provide not only a very informative introduction to this subject, but also an extremely attractive performance repertoire for two clarinets. Highly recommended !


Vahid Matejko has succeeded in bringing together the most diverse musicians and thus also cultures. This is also noticeable in the individual songs, which are often underlaid with Arabic time signatures, and yet musically occupy a broad horizon. The term Ethno Jazz hits the proverbial nail on the head. Come Together" is certainly a dazzling pearl and gives hope for further equally wonderful recordings by Vahid Matejko.

Jazz- Quadrat*

Vahid Matejko "To the joy" of the 21st century. His intention, idea and result of realization arouse respect and great interest among people. In any case, you can expect many surprises from this musician.

*leading and most famous jazz magazine of all Russian-speaking countries

blue rhytm

A big band crossover work between classical music and jazz and Middle Eastern influences.


Music without borders, top-class soloists and a potpourri of musical genres. Jazz , world music, modern classical with orchestration or big band sound. Matejko crosses the European with the Far Eastern and creates timbres of a united musical culture. Matejko not only uses instruments that seem so exotic, but mixes them with the polyrhythmic structure of pygmy songs from Central Africa, Latin American dance music, Far Eastern melodies of Iranian music or klezmer. Among them western compositional forms and of course new music.

Wiesbadener Kurier

A musical journey to stimulate the mind and senses, by award-winning composer Vahid Matejko.

Flöte aktuell (German Society for Flute e.V.)

The multicultural composer, arranger and producer Vahid Matejko (* 1982) is considered one of the most promising talents of the German music scene. ln the series (Easy) Kino Hits, which were also arranged and edited for the instruments recorder, clarinet, alto and tenor saxophone and violin, it is therefore not surprising that the Berliner not only provides the arrangements of the hits derived from the film music, but also produced the high-quality play-along as well as full playback, sitting himself in the small orchestra at the keyboards. In different line-ups he succeeded in capturing the different characters of the variously composed orchestral , jazz, rock, pop or combo pieces, thus providing young instrumentalists with authentic live recordings. The titles in Band Easy Kino Hits all get by with the tonal range from c' to cl'", are exclusively in C, F or G major and are kept rhythmically simple. This and their origin in children's series or films such as Wickie, Biene Maja, Die Sendung mit der Maus, Over the Rainbow and many more certainly make them particularly popular with young musicians. For teenage instrumentalists with advanced playing skills, Edition Kino Hits provides just the right selection of film music titles. Harry Potter, James Bond, Rocky, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings animate cool kids to extensive practice sessions with their melodies that have become catchy tunes - which, as a reward between scale finger exercises or classical literature, will certainly conjure up many a slacker from the mind.

Siegener Zeitung

The CD is a cornucopia of musical ideas, unbelievably varied in ethnic styles, instrumentation and line-ups from small ensemble to big band. Vahid Matejko has an unerring sense for catchy themes, despite all the joy of experimentation, despite all the sounds that are unfamiliar to our ears. Jazz, modern "classical" and folkloristic sounds combine in 14 pieces to a homogeneous whole, which for once really deserves the term world music. As a composer and arranger, the "maker" has really done a great job here. In one word "Come Together" is definitely worth a musical discovery.


One of the most interesting talents of the German music scene.


Matejko's compositions have vivid titles, which you can actually hear.The choice of pieces is very varied, atmospheric and passionate. They are fun to listen to as well as to play.

*Official organ of the German Oboe and Bassoon Society and the German Clarinet Society.)


With these "Klezmer Play-Alongs" Vahid Matejko gives all clarinetists musical possibilities that many other instrumentalists will envy. The German-Polish-Persian composer compiles here his own compositions as well as arrangements that have what Klezmer is all about. They are full of variety, combine melancholy with wit, pair exuberance with gloom, and unite tradition with originality.

*Official journal of the Wind Music Association of Baden- Württemberg e.V.


The "sound" is primarily provided by the melody, which contains bounces, trills, suggestions and chromatic leading notes that make the music very colorful. The songs sound great. In the structure of the book, the songs are cleverly staggered- every time you think that now everything is actually said, something unexpected comes. The different scales bring an "oriental" flair. .... there is a lot to discover. Conclusion: an unrestricted recommendation.


No question: Vahid Matejko from Altenkirchen has music in his blood.

Ad Marginem

The composer, arranger and music producer Vahid Matejko, born in Berlin in 1982, undertakes the difficult task of transferring ensemble music to a classical solo instrument in a convincing manner with his original compositions and arrangements. He succeeds in capturing the special idiosyncrasies of this music.

(Announcements of the Institute for Musical Folklore of the University of Cologne)

Bayerische Blasmusik

Klezmer music is currently experiencing a blossoming. No wonder, since this music style is more emotionally touching than almost any other. The German-Polish-Persian composer compiles here his own compositions as well as arrangements that have what Klezmer is all about. In addition, the full versions of the titles offer an incredible listening pleasure.

Lahn Post

Musical influences from all over the world. Consciously, Matejko also arranged instruments into the pieces in a very imaginative and tasteful way.

Üben & Musizieren

The album is didactically cleverly structured in increasing difficulty. Matejko manages to capture the style of klezmer very well. Of the individual numbers, the first piece "Night in Telaviv" is especially impressive, as are "Sad Teddy" and "Bazar in the old City". "Naw Ruz" is in 5/4 time and presents throughout melodically, rhythmically and tonally complicated structures;the complementary rhythms require attentive presence of the player. The piece - an original composition of the author - is delightful, characteristic and virtuosic; it makes high demands on the performers. I consider this album important and instructive,both for piano lessons as study material, and as performance pieces the miniatures are an enrichment. The album is highly recommended.

Westerwald Rundschau

One of the great jazz hopes of the republic.

Das Musikinstrument

Vahid Matejko conveys this music Klezmer miniatures for piano in great detail. The arranger and music teacher has presented 15 of his own compositions with detailed notes. Expressive melodies are typical of klezmer - from joyful moods to tragic sounds to thoughtful odes, everything is included. For those unfamiliar with the style, the author also provides a preface on the history of Yiddish music as well as tips and tricks for playing his sheet music. Extensively presented on a total of 32 booklet pages with an accompanying CD.

Kölnische Rundschau

Breathtaking mixture. Pygmy music, Balkan and Latin jazz, classical orchestral sounds and even funky grooves meet here.

Freies Radio Stuttgart

With "Come Together" Vahid Matejko has presented a very elaborately produced and intelligent debut album, which is a milestone in world music.

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25 000 visitors made sure that the city festival with Martinsmarkt became a great success. As icing on the cake, the award-winning Vahid Matejko Band was offered. A successful birthday.

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When you hear "Come Together" you surely think of the Beatles' song of the same name, which was a great success. But Vahid Matejko surely had everything else than the mushroom heads in mind when he dared to start his project. Vahid Matejko has succeeded in bringing together the most diverse musicians and thus also cultures.

Jazz- Quadrat*

The new project of the young composer from Germany, Vahid Matejko continues in many respects the line planned by his first album "Come Together". The main theme of Vahid's work remains the synthesis of musical cultures of the peoples of the world.The synthesis of such different musical forms as jazz, modern academic music and world music, and in the new project also the synthesis of the possibilities of the big band and the symphonic orchestra. Already the starting composition " Mandiba Wata" allows to feel it completely.

Besides the undoubted musical merits of "Light of Unity", the fantastic energy of its creator hits the album, who not only arranged and wrote the music, but also created, recorded and mixed the generous project himself. His music knows no denominational and national borders. There is no doubt that the "light of unity" has become brighter on the musical horizon through his efforts.

* The leading and most famous jazz magazine of all Russian-speaking countries.


"Klezmer-feel" comes up , because the appropriate scales are used and the notated ornaments give good suggestions.

Sieg Event

Even in jazz circles or in the world music scene, there is hardly a production at present that is as varied and diverse as Matejko's recording. The mix of countless musical styles and the involvement of musicians from all over the world has resulted in a work that is not so easy for pop music ears to digest, but in terms of creativity is probably unparalleled. And the expansion of his (musical) horizon has never hurt anyone.


After the Klezmer playalongs, the Balkan duets for clarinet by Vahid Matejko have now been published. And again Matejko proves to be an authentic arranger, sensitive composer and excellent connoisseur of the clarinet and its possibilities. Here you can learn a lot about the way of playing the music of the Balkan countries just by listening to it. Convincing. Play and listen!


Everyone who plays one of these two instruments will find it a welcome change to try their hand at the original compositions and the selected traditionals.

blue rhytm

The Klezmer books of the Altenkirchen composer Vahid Matejko are practical.

Westerwald Rundschau

 Composer from Westerwald sets new standards in world jazz. With "Come Together", Vahid Matejko from Altenkirchen succeeds in setting a milestone in jazz and world music. By bringing together the music of different cultures, as well as the musicians of different nations, Matejko shows how great fruits the "togetherness" of different peoples can bring forth and sets new standards in jazz.

Jazz Podium

Music that comes from the imagination. In the case of Vahid Matejko, versatility is virtually inscribed in his biography. In his music he combines elements from these cultural circles with African and Asian components, with new music and even with set pieces that seem classical - always in search of a sound that his current album so programmatically describes in its title as "Light of Unity".

Ragazzi Music

The lively versatility is extraordinary and enchanting. The prelude is "Rabi Hashem." The longer motif has Jewish flair, is inspired by big band jazz, and virtuosically demonstrates its friendly, restrained mood. The large wind ensemble is kept very dynamic. The "quirky" harmonies have wit and melancholy; it seems as if the note could immediately burst into either gloom or exuberance, but without giving in to this sensual thrill. Very successful opener. The adorably comic "Naw Ruz" is a Jewish jazz note from the Balkans, uncommonly fresh, like a mix of jazz and brass music, lively yet also with a serious, thoughtful note. Some of it, like the tender jazz ballad "Enpanadas," has deep lyrical intimacy, but it can also be picked up in improvisational lively playing and varied with an almost joyful note. "White Flowers" is an avant-garde touch. The classically orchestrated theme finds its way to a dark motif and changes character again and again. It "flips," becomes folk, and "flips back" into the classical waters of strings. The flute alone is always present. "Dancing To Sophia" is included in two exquisite versions, a stormy classical one that can't be fast enough, and the more casual, powerful jazz counterpart. Both have that special Jewish art of playing melancholy and joyfulness in one note, in one expression.

It is Vahid Matejko's concern to bring cultures, people and countries closer, to emphasize not the contrasts but the commonalities. This has been achieved in his music in an all-round excellent way. My recommendation!

Westerwald Post

Strong debut album by Vahid Matejko.

Jazz- Quadrat*

Matejko has found his own form for each composition, even apart from the material.

(* most famous jazz magazine of all Russian speaking countries)

Jazz Podium

Ready for the Guiness Book. You can hear immediately that this is not about name, but quality dropping.

Kultur Info Westerwald

A must for jazz fans, a musical discovery for everyone else.


With these "Klezmer Play-Alongs" Vahid Matejko gives all clarinetists musical possibilities that many other instrumentalists will envy. Especially the enclosed CD here Quasi catches the ear. And so Klezmer Playalongs fulfills two wishes at once: Klezmer to play and to listen to.


A visit to a concert is certainly worthwhile.

Kölner Stadtanzeiger

The composer Vahid Matejko wants to develop jazz further. In every work he creates, the soul of jazz should be found.

Hachenburg Inform

Despite the cold, numerous music fans enjoyed the excellent trio around the Altenkirchen-based pianist Vahid Matejko.

neue musik zeitung

Mostly own compositions, but also arrangements of traditionals, which are simply fun to play along with.

Wiesbadener Kurier

A solo concert with improvisations on the grand piano, as well as interludes on old classical Iranian instruments. Matejko's music is boundless: classical, new music, jazz and world music merge into an inseparable harmony.

Taunussteiner Nachrichten

A very exciting and in this form unique concert.

Mitteilungsblatt Kirchen

A feast for the ears of all music lovers!

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Melting pot of cultures.


An extremely exciting world trip experienced by the visitors.